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We would like to inform you that the trip you are taking now is a pure Himalayan Travel Journey, a Tirtha Yatra in essence. As you are aware, many of the areas in which we operate and travel are remote and under developed regions of the country, hence the conditions are less predictable and un-expected is the norm. Despite all of our logistical planning and organization, Mt. Kailash Travel can never be taken for granted like a normal holiday in your home country. Many of the places, which we visit, do not even have any facility of emergency health services. 

Road conditions are below any international standards and traveling can be uncomfortable and occasionally a vehicle may break down. Hotels & guest houses will be pretty much basic. If you think that you are not prepared to endure this nature of Himalayan Travel Experience, we request you to consider all these factors at the time of finalising your trip to avoid any dissapointments later. 

Changing Himalayan weather paterns can also dictate that itinerary be changed from time to time. Delay in Yaks arrival, land slides on the way, strikes or political movements could also affect the original itinerary. The tour leader who is travelling with you will do everything in his/her capacity to ensure best possible service and minimize inconvenience of any nature. With all the above mentioned preinformation , we hope that you have been fully clarified the game of this Himalayan Mt. Kailash Travel. 


When signing the booking make sure that you have read and understood the clarifications and booking conditions and agreed to abide by them. 
If you are forced to cancel the trip, please do inform us at earliest so that we can minimize the cancellation charges.

1. A cancellation charge of Rs. 10,000 per client will apply if one cancels the trip a month before the trip departure.
2. 50% cancellation charge will apply those who cancel the trip within 2 weeks prior to trip departure.
3. No refunds thereafter in case of no show or delayed arrivals of clients for what so ever reasons.
4. A full refund will be made in case of trip cancellation due to inadequate no. of people in the group or any other unforeseen reason from our side. 

INSURANCE POLICY: We suggest that you take a one comprehensive insurance policy to cover the risk of emergency during the Kailash travel. If you like we can also offer a policy of this type from Kathmandu base.









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