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Mount Kailash
which stands prominently in a remote south-west corner of Tibet at the altitude of 22,028 feet is the holiest of all holy peaks. Believed to be the axis of the earth, Mt. Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva and Kang Ringboche of Tibetans Buddhism. In ancient period, it took years for sages and saints to reach Mt. Kailash for salvation (Mukti), and above that it was inaccessible for common people. But now because of modern transport system, the path to salvation is no longer an isolated dream. Now it doesn't take more than three weeks to materialise your much awaited life time dream. As sacred scripture says the path to divinity is always difficult, your trip to Mt. Kailash will be adventurous making you longing for Mt. Kailash. The trip begins with a scenic drive to Zhangmu in Tibet crossing Nepalese border. After Zhangmu comfortable Japanese Landcruiser made for rough and tough road will take you to the holy Lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash for the pilgrimage circumbulation which is also called kora. You will be blessed with holy bath and parikrama to achieve your ultimate spiritual goal before returning back to Kathmandu. 


Day 01: Arrive / Assemble in Kathmandu. O/N Hotel
Day 02: Half day sightseeing in Kathmandu O/N Hotel. Visit to Pasupathinath and Boudhanath. O/N Hotel.
Day 03: Drive Kathmandu / Nyalam via Zhangmu. ON Guest House.
Day 04: Rest day for acclimatization. ON Guest House.
Day 05: Drive to Saga. O/N Camp.
Day 06: Drive to Paryang. O/N Camp.
Day 07: Drive to Mansarovar. O/N Camp.
Day 08: Rest and acclimatisation day. O/N Camp.
Day 09: Drive to Darchen, on to Tarbochen to start the Kora. Trek to Diraphuk O/N Camp.
Day 10: Trek to Diraphuk. O/N Camp.
Day 11: Parikrama of Kailash over Dolmala & camp at Lamchu Valley. O/NCamp.
Day 12: Parikrama ends near Darchen to drive out to Horpa. O/N Camp.
Day 13: Drive to Paryang. O/N Camp.
Day 14: Drive to Saga. O/N Camp.
Day 15: Drive to Nyalam. O/N Guest House.
Day 16: Drive back to Kathmandu. O/N Hotel.
Day 17: Depart Kathmandu for your flight home.


                    Extension trips can be arranged for Private Itinerary Groups only.

a)                Tirthapuri Hot Spring and small kora around the spring

b)                Astha Parbat 

                    Contact us for more information at InfoGuys@MountKailash.com.










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