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Tibet Increases Kailash YATRA Price for 2005
A nearly 50% More to 2004 Tag according to One Estimate


Kailash Pati may not see Crowd of Devotees at his Home this year

Reporting from Lhasa / Tibet: 31 March 2005


A Group of 3 Top Agencies in Tibet on recognition of Tourism Authority of Tibet (TTB) have formed a new set up called IPSC to deal with the Indian Pilgrims for 2005. According to IPSC, they are the only authority to deal with Indian Pilgrims' Mansarovar Yatra for this year 2005 as authorized by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. 

According to IPSC new Chief Du Xio Lin, no other agencies have the power to operate Mansarovar Yatra except themselves, even though there is a general dissatisfaction among other Tour Operators who have been organizing the YATRA for Indians for so many years in the past. The other 2 players in the team are Jigme Wangchuk from TIST & Huang Li Hua from TTC. 

The IPSC is claiming that they had to form this organized set up to regulate a more organized system for the ever increasing Indian YATRA Market from Nepal and India.

 1.  But people believe there could be other reasons as well. The number one cause for creating this unit may have been that Kailash price was going down all the time because of the unhealthy competition among the Tibetan and Nepalese Operators. They want to stop this.

 2.  The other cause could have been that Murari Bapu and His Band of YATRIS went to Mount Kailash last year; paying 100% more money to Tibet, according to popular Tourism Gossips out here. This has been the big motivation factor for the Tibetans, ever since.

Bapu and his Team of YATRIS visited Kailash Mansarovar last year, and they have left behind a very good image and goodwill of the Indian Pilgrims. They have left a very high prestige of the Indians that Indians can pay. 

This may have been the single most determining factor for the Tibetans to revise their price; even though they claim to control the unhealthy undercutting competition. It is just a few mischievous tour operators who may be creating the non-sense, otherwise Indian Pilgrims are the most up market clients Tibetans have been dealing with Great Happiness.

                                                                Upholding High Image of the Indian Pilgrims

 3.  The other rumour in Lhasa also suggests that Nepalese and Indian Operators have not paid hundreds of thousands of tour money to the Tibetan Operators. This has given them bad experience. So they are determined to draw a line of discipline, a Laxman Rekha if you like, among the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra operating Agencies through out world.

Nepalese and Indian Yatra Operators are fighting back, stating that this could kill the Yatra Business for 2005, only time will tell how the Tibetan Authorities will react to this complaints.

………………………………Reported by Bikrum Vikram from Lhasa City 12,000 ft on 31st March 2005;
with Bureau Reports from Shyam Kuinkel at Himalayism: Online Newsline
and Victor Klenov in Thamel / Kathmandu.


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