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A very special tour with Harish Kapadia, India's celebrity Mountaineer  

Harish Kapadia is a well known name in the field of climbing and trekking in India. His main contribution to Himalayan climbing has been to explore unknown areas and, in number of cases, to open up climbing possibilities. He led five international joint expeditions, four with the British and two with the French, to high peaks, like Rimo(7385 m), Chong Kumdan I (7071 m), Sudarshan Parbat, Panch Chuli and Rangrik Rang groups. 

Harish has a degree in Commerce, Law and Management from Bombay University and he is a cloth merchant by profession. He has published twelve books and is the editor of the prestigious Himalayan Journal for past 28 years. He was a Vice President of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (1997-1999) and was awarded the IMF Gold Medal by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in 1993. In 2003, Her Majesty the Queen approved the award of the Patron's Medal of the Royal Geographic Society to him. 

Travelling with Harish provides an intimate view of Himalayan journey over the 5000 metres high Tibetan plateau.  You get to know many things about Himalayas as Harish has been in Himalayas for more than 40 years.

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