Who is KAILASH Mansarovar or Mount Kailash.com  

We are KAILASH Mansarovar or Mount KAILASH.com or also known in short form as Mt. K.

Mount K is an exclusive Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Operator being managed by a team of professionals with several years of experience in the field of pilgrimage tourism to Mount Kailash and other parts of Nepal, India and Tibet. The operation part of  Mt. Kailash Yatra is directly looked after by our Tibet office based in Lhasa.


Founder President


Mount KAILASH.com specializes in taking pilgrims to Holy Yatra of Mount Kailash. So there is no hassle for the clients in regard to special permit to Tibet and other official documentation. Mt. K is a reliable and efficient travel operator in Tibet that you can trust upon. Though we normally operate group traveling, but for the convenience of individual travelers, we have initiated regular fixed guaranteed departure Tour programs for Mount Kailash

Why you should choose to travel with Mount KAILASH.com ?

Mt. K is a Pilgrimage Tourism Division of HIMALAYA Expeditions Company of Nepal popularly known as HimEX Nepal among our clienteles. HimEX is among the top three Adventure Sports Agency of Nepal at present catering and servicing the National and International Mt. Everest Expeditions, trekking and climbing, river rafting, wildlife safaris and cultural journeys. 

under the leadership of Mr. Bikrum Vikram (full name Bikrum Pandey, "Nuwakott") has been closely working with the Government of India Army Expeditions to Mt. Everest since 1984. If you like you can call HimEX a Government of India Approved Agency in Essence because of its ratings and credentials. No wonder if you are travelling with HimEX & its KAILASH Mansarovar, you are travelling with the people of high trust and family like reliability, for sure.  Check out the Indian Army and Civilian Expeditions that we have worked with.


Indian Mount Everest Expedition led by Brig. DK Khullar. History was born when the first Indian Girl, Ms. Bachhendri Pal climbed Mount Everest.


Indian Army Everest Expedition led by Brig. Jagjit Singh & Col. Prem Chand - abandoned due to bad weather and some loss of life.


Joint Indo-Nepalese Women Everest Expedition led by Ms. Bachhendri Pal with Deputy Leader, Ms. Rita Gombu and Ms. Santosh Yadav. Again the history was born to world record: 7 girls climbed the summit of Mount Everest.


Indian Army Everest Expedition led by Col. Kishan Kumar with Deputy Leader, Col. Satish Sharma. 17 person summitted the top of Mount Everest.


Indian Army Annapurna I led by Col. Satish Sharma. 4 members summitted the summit of Annapurna pioneering a new route later to be established as Indian route. With this new Indian Route, Mt. Annapurna has softned its "Killer Mountain" Image.


Indian Army Joint with Nepalese Army Everest  & Lhotse Expedition under leadership of Col. Ashok Abbey and Deputy Leader Maj. CS Manda. Again the history was born 31 people summitted the top of Mount Everest, A new world record Established. 12 person summitted Mt. Lhotse, the first successful Indian Lhotse Ascent.

Mount Kailash.Com  is
very much committed to its quality services and our polite, courteous and experienced staff are always willing to help you beyond the call of duty with absolutely authentic information. We try to understand clients' point of view and deliver service according to what we promise. Since we believe in business ethnic, we try our best to do good job for our customers and Business Associates. We always value the goodwill and the trust and we stand to our commitment. Hence, all our customers and Business Associates can feel secure, confident and trust upon us while working with Mount Kailash Team. We also present a Letter of Participation citing your achievement after completion of the Holy Yatra


Some of our past clients for your interest :

Harish Kapadia - Mountain Explorer and Reputed writer for Himalayan Club's Journal.

Vinita Muni
-  An avid Mountaineer, Photographer&Kailash Yatri

Balbir Singh Punj - Member of Parliament and reputed author

Anu Malhotra - Noted Documentary Film Maker


Iqbal Malhotra - Noted Adventure Film Maker

Sharma - Former owner of SITA World Travel

Ghai - Former President of TAAI and a family member of Inder Sharma - Former SITA World Travel Group.

National Geographic Society's  

Mission Everest 2003 

Himalayan Everest part was organised by us.


Niraj, Kabhi Ghei & Arjun Sharma leaving Lhasa for Kailash Yatra. Background: Land Cruisers being employed for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.




Anu on Yogini outfit

Iqbal ready to shoot




Puja Archana at Mansarovar


Arjun Sharma




Balbir Sing Punj


Iqbal Malhotra





Niraj & Kabi Ghei preparing to cross the stream on the Yatra Route.


Niraj, Kabi, Arjun, Punj couple and Agarawal family doing the Hawan at the bank of Mansarovar.

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